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Fast Chargers

NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydrogen) rechargeable batteries have an energy storing capacity which surpasses by 20 to 30 % that of usual cadmium rechargeable batteries.

Cadmium has been replaced by hydrogen in NiMH batteries making their longevity superior.

They take much longer to lose their charge and have no memory effect, this means they can be recharged even though they have not completely lost their charge whithout affecting their maximum energy storing capacity.

Appliances like digital cameras, CD players, certain children's toys are known to use up batteries quickly. NiMH batteries are an economical answer to this problem.

What is the memory effect?

When you recharge your battery, if it has not completely ran down or gone flat, the charge is incomplete and sets up a new maximum energy storing capacity, inferior to the previous one.

NiMH batteries do not have a memory effect thus allowing a maximal charge every time it is recharged.